Welcome to Baby Aquatics!

We have pleasure and honor to welcome you to our Baby Aqua Club.

Thank you very much for your application for "Baby Aquatics by Hiroko Nagasaki" at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel.

We have confirmed your payment for lesson fee related to your participation.

Please be informed that you are duly registered for "Baby Aquatics by Hiroko Nagasaki" as well as Baby Aqua Club.

☆The upcoming schedule can be found below☆

Steps to join a lesson

1)Receive a 'starter kit'
(Please wait for a while for delivery.)

'Starter kit' has
*Baby Aqua Suits (Special for baby)
*Original Textbook
*Information Document for Electronic Membership Card
(Please authenticate your membership by cell phone in advance.)
*Information Document on the day of the lesson
and so on.

2 )Join a lesson
Please come to OASIS of Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel on the day when you join the lesson.
You are requested to present your electronic membership card at the reception desk.

■A calendar of lessons can be found below.

■Please check our website for upcoming plans.
General Information

■Members-only information is available from the Baby Aqua Club member site.
Members-only information

Please use your ID and password to access the site.
This information will be sent to you in the starter kit.

*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the following address.

We look forward to seeing you at our lessons!
                      _(^^)_(~ ~)/

'Genki na Atelier’ Organizer of Baby Aquatics by Hiroko Nagasaki
■Contact details
Mail : info@baby-aquatics.com
Phone  : 03-3335-6585 (from 10:00 to 16:00 available)
FAX  : 03-6762-8340

Baby Aqua Club

Genki na Atelier
SP392, 5-15-1,Chuo-ku,Ginza,Tokyo,104-8238,Japan